5th PLATEAU: The Prequel

by Mathias Kruse

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Red Lotus Klan.
Snail Cage.


released August 18, 2014

Featuring guest spots from Scvtterbrvin and world famous psychic/author Pam Oslie.



all rights reserved


Mathias Kruse Carlsbad, California

22 year old emcee from Carlsbad, California.

RLK / SnailCage.

Audio Dropout, Apathiests.

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Track Name: Third Eye Olympics (Prod. by Keem Cipher)
Taking gold in the third eye olympics.
While you taking gold in who's words rhyme the simplest.
Universe, please reimburse my statistics.
Rhyme gymnast, divine mind defined by the mystic.
Roll my sixth spliff, smoke it till my wit's split.
Blitzed quick. Watching ashtray's turn to piff pits.
Having dreams where my "wrist slit" thoughts get dismissed, regarding what bliss is in the big picture.
I spit words made of scriptures for sick kids.
Beating my life expectancy has been my mission.
My pen climbs my spine to find rhymes in my mind.
Hi doctor, will you please sign my prescription?
That's what happens when a drug's done manic.
It's fucked up man, it's like it's puff puff panic.
Knock it may come as shock like I'm stun gun handed.
When it comes to my life, I make you dumb dumbs vanish.
I'm a man of worth trying to leave this planet first,
But I'll clean it up before I leave like I'm a janitor.
I never once wrote something that wasn't a candid verse.
Hungry, I'mma eat you like a can of worms.
Track Name: They Did (Prod. by GOOD MAMA)
Whole life, I was pardoned by a smile.
Started as a child, I was guarded for a while.
Took every inhibition that was left then in me
from a dead destiny and discarded to the pile.
I was startled by the wild. Harnessing the heartening
of every part of me that had been hardened by the vials.
Getting carded for a carton at the market.
Ardent artist with a heart in pardon, barfing on the tiles.

And I know things get the ways I said that they wouldn't
And I know things get the ways I said that they shouldn't.
But they did,

And now it's like I don't know where to turn from it.
Talking about being blunt, I wanna burn one it's
like I have to be on a drug just to learn something.
Eat my words, gaining calories I burned running.
Always shooting down shit like I'm bird hunting.
Apologize to anybody that my words punished.
Looking back to the past I reacted aghast.
All the time that it took wasn't worth nothing.
Looked at it like the bright blast where I live my life last.
Came from what was striked black, now I'm in a white flash.
Thought that it was priceless, now I'm feeling lifeless.
Feeling like this just must have been the pricetag.
Hash via ice bags saved me from a lot of shit.
Like focusing on accomplishments.
Track Name: Space Ripple (Prod. by +ma)
I'm that bad habit having acid addict
with a passion for the lack of wrath these dag nabbits have, I'm not a rapper.
Shit, I'm wrapped up.
Moving through the product of a match struck.
Getting burned playing in the sole essence of bad luck.
I have been for a while a now.
A bad kid with no smile, frowning
in any direction that'll get him out this vile town.
Used to only fuck with tabs, he's sipping vials now.
Fingers drop and make space ripple, slowing time down.
With an outlook as butchered as mine,
life's living but it took her some time. And shit, it's fine.
Cause when I stare out in the distance, I feel pushed in my mind.
To find the rope that I've been looking to climb, and it's been right here.
In a hole, starting to spend my whole life here.
Every second, I just want my future wife near.
I want to see the matter that makes me from bout a light year away, myself back then's something I might fear.
Track Name: Ache (Prod. by RSNZ)
Lately, I've got an ache in my stomach.
Lowlife like I'm racing to plummet.
Looking at the lake like I want proof
that it's really gonna be safe when I jump in.
Fuck anybody making assumptions.
Like "Hey, you know what you're doing's not good
so you better stop, so you don't end up on a road
where you end up paying for dumb shit."
Fade as I sway in abundance.
With my two cents, never stay in the budget.
Painful to some yet, my bad trips
are the reason I look at life and still say that it's something.
As I inhale haze from a nugget,
I strip pieces of brain from the musket.
Some of these doors aim for a good time,
while others aim for a hike straight to the summit.
How does one pick a name for a puppet?
Get twelve, one should be great in the dozen.
Somehow I stay brave when I'm hunted
by a spineless creature with a face of destruction.
Live life in a maze of concussions
that I receive when my faith doesn't function.
Wake up everyday locked to invisible chains,
I'm feeling like a damn slave in a dungeon.

Hate life, but I dated the dumb bitch.
Broke up with her when she broke me.
Smoking OZ's. Shit, drinking OE's
but none of it'll get me closer to knowing me.
Pale skin, looking like a ghost see
I'm turning to a living person slowly.
Change resonates from the days walking round with
the black in the bag, hoping I OD'd.
But I didn't. So every breath is a trophy.
Lonely at home with no hope of my own.
No control in my role, living broke in a hole.
Feeling closed in the soul, I'm opposed to the holy.
Believe what you don't even know, see
me standing there in a battered up reflection.
I guess "battered" is a matter of perception.
I'm superman, you go to battle with my cleft chin.
Lately, we're as adamant as best friends.
Tell Eve I'm with Adam in the sess den.
I been on a path where no matter where I go,
I'm gonna end up with my back up in a dead end.
Track Name: Valley Of What I Adore (Prod. by NASA)
Luscious curves, be the valley of what I adore.
Looks of an angel with a mind worth dying for.

In our lives, we met at a tough bend.
Mind focused on the words that left her tongues end.
Too magnificent to accept as just friends.
I could feel it in my heart, exactly where love tends
to present itself. But yet there wasn't much said.
I was quiet as my mind tried to undercome stress.
Wondering if my presence was enough to subject
to the goddess right in front of me. I must've just left
the tiniest impression in my current loves head.
Cause talking led to dating, dating led to rough sex.
Rough sex full of love, and love led to what's next.
That's a mutual sense of our forever confessed
in a minute.
In love with everything within it.
Never ending implies that forever's set from the beginning.
I'm a veteran of our war, surrender to the givens.
I'm driven by my faith, and loving you is my religion.
You're my fixture. The bigger picture that never flickers.
I am sick to death and loving you's a sip of an elixir.
My injuries are fixed in me the second that you smile.
Never set to reconcile cause that'd imply that I'd have missed ya..
Spent months just wanting to be the mister in your life.
Now I plan to be that mister with a wife.
And I know that our patience can get blistered from the strife.
But you're the diamond that'll forever glisten in my sight, love.
Track Name: Buschemi (Prod. by Boombaphomet)
Not one of the greats, run in your place
and break tracks under my birth given abundance of weight.
Your drive is an affair with speed, you're still in love with the breaks.
That lack of motivation grips, and you'll get crushed till you break.
And I'd say my lyrical heater's heavy.
Open up my mouth and leave the scene ugly as Steve Buschemi.
Even then we eat enemies up with beef in feeding frenzies.
Crack open their skulls, use em as bowls, and then we leave em empty.
Cease to tempt me while you can still leave contently.
Don't you dare look under my bed, I promise that beast protects me.
I'm modest, atleast respect me. Not trying to be the best.
It's just that wack rappers are grown daily, I'm trying to eat em fresh.
RLK is like the tribe of the lands.
Spitting spinach to decalcify your pineal glands.
It's Eden in which I progress, I'm now arriving as planned.
Me seeing you in rap's like a cook seeing disease in flesh.
Live by two rules, love everything and be depressed.
Cynical attributes are the only ones that we possess.
I'm on another level, so fuck yourself and redirect.
You as dumb as cops thinking pot smokers need a rec
to blow trees. Puffing on varieties of OG's.
Smoke pouring out of sniper trenches real low key.
Three bangs from the west hit your skull, see
a life that isn't yours flash before your eyes slowly.
Track Name: Traces Of Mike (Prod. by Boombaphomet)
A steak or a spike to face in this strife.
As blatant as fights, your loss has me vacant in fright.
I hope you didn’t suffer brother, hope you raced to the light.
Sometimes i think back to sobriety for traces of Mike.
I thought wrong, nobody could ever say it was right.
Heard “he didn’t make it”, labeled it a baseless insight.
Now I've accepted it, but fuck if i don’t hate that it’s like
A truck rolling onto my body and staying for life.
When thinking of the plane you’re on, i think in basis of height.
You being greeted at the gates that shine so gracious and bright.
Thinking how your mother thought she was just saying goodnight.
You never woke up, but maybe i can face it tonight.
You were on a different level of supplying beings
with the finer things, never stopped to deny the fiends.
Your entire reason for wanting to live the life of kings
Was a righteous dream, putting you within' the price of rings.
And I accept that. Shit man, if you would've said that.
I would've done the opposite of get mad.
It's like my ego asked to lend jabs, tapping out the tenth match.
When I said I just want my friend back, I meant that.
Coming dead last running from my past now.
I been running pens back. Sum it up and pass out.
When that shutter lens cracks, some of us'll back down.
But you were the bigger picture so I'm on my tact now.

And I say,
My emotions have been opened as a result of
you overdosing' and since then I haven't closed em.
My emotions have been opened as a result of
you overdosing' and since then I haven't closed em.

Your life or a buzz, which one matters more?
Expecting to move back and forth on a stagnant horse.
The same horse that we were kicking dead forever.
Read your letters as if I was standing on a balance board.
Telling me that you were getting much madder at the lord.
Something tells me this was actually the wrath you asked him for.
But it's just a guess. Or maybe it's how I crush the stress
coming from the fact that my idol relapsed to fucking death.
You were right when you said it brother, I was depressed.
The type of sadness that only hard drugs effect.
Now I'm digging in my conscience till' there's nothing left.
Looking for a home in it cause lately it's been unaddressed.
Thinking back to when you were proof that I had a fan.
Nights spent in a bliss of opiates and attivan.
Sacrificed to the span of my attention,
my retention made it hard to remember if I had had a plan.

And I say,
My emotions have been opened as a result of
you overdosing' and since then I haven't closed em.
My emotions have been opened as a result of
you overdosing' and since then I haven't closed em.
Track Name: Hell On Earth (Remix)
I've been walking on a road here since long ago.
Like Guantanamo I'm still here, and they ought to know.
The talents I hold aren't viewed via opticals.
Rocking flows like turbulence inside of a rocket though.
I'm hopping over those speed bumps. I'm never stopping, no.
I refuse to be the one knocking over the dominoes.
And hell yeah, my momma knows
what I do but she respects that she could never stop it yo.
Before then, I just figured I would go cause
a roof over your head and a bed no one wants you in is not a home.
I'm spitting as crazy as I feel like I'm about to go.
Mental lessons in the envelopes, I found a route for those.
Got a clown's frown in this world, around it goes.
Took my entire childhood to become accountable.
Feeling strong like I could pound a bull cause
mother fuckers are actin' hungry but they sounding full.
It's like it's insurmountable for them to be real.
Bury em on a hill next to a cypress like b-real.
I'm the opposite of commonly accepted as three meals.
Drugs turn me to two people wondering how we feel.
Cous, we don't need deals.
'Cause when I speak it's like I'm one again. The dream, the nightmare and all like weed pills.
Universe working over like it was a seed mill.
Fuck it then, it is a seed mill....
Obscene thrills intoxicating my judgement at best.
Stay running with stress, that's probably why I'm fucking depressed.
It's like every girl that I try to get close to
assumes I'm incapable of loving em when I'm upset.
They say I put drugs first, and then I put love next.
They make me normal, it's when I'm sober that I get possessed.
Lighting lists on fire, going over what I regret.
I could live a hundred lives without a moment of respect.
Fuck y'all, making mistakes you're hoping' I'll correct.
Give a second of silence for the way that our time connects.
You assume that's your opinion's even a factor
when I'm the contractor of every fucking word that I address.
Never that shit. I'm not even playing anymore.
Staying pennies short in that I'll never pay a penny more.
He's been living' with the wingspan of an angel
since the day he found out that people tend hate it when he soars.
So he's... on another level yelling' fuck the devil
cause he's up but never wants to bust endeavors, but whatever I
tend to run forever under pressure, my assumptions never better whatsoever maybe cause I never try.
On another level yelling' fuck the devil
cause he's up but never wants to bust endeavors, but whatever I
tend to run forever under pressure, my assumptions never better whatsoever maybe cause I never try.